Oh Yeah, That

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I have not been very good this week at making things to put in store. I’m still waiting to make sure the details of my custom order are in a row before I do that, and between that and Eurovision I kind of forgot to make things. Whups. *chuckles* So I did this earlier, and if people are lucky, I will let them buy it (it’s already in store, but I love me some dice jewellery).

Having said that, no idea if I am going to get much done in that regard this weekend. It’s Eurovision tomorrow, so our usual ‘party’. And also me being sharply reminded that I don’t do so well staying up to midnight anymore, ha ha. Iunno, we’ll see. I know that R was toying with the idea of joining us in Etsyland, so she might want to talk about that.

For now, I need to circle back around and catch up some of my ‘morning’ writing. I got stuck into work and the Eurovision semi-final fairly sharpish this morning, so that got missed out on. So it sometimes goes.


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