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If everything is as I think it’s going to be tomorrow, I am going to be able to get started on a custom order for a friend. She wants two pairs of earrings in every colour of the dice beads that should be coming in, and well, can do! I have to keep reminding myself that the prices I charge are fair, even when it comes to a big commission. I’ve got to remind myself that yanno, I’m worth it. I will check with her on the price point before doing it though, obviously. That’s only fair.

On the whole, it’s been a pretty decent day. The weather has cooled right down, and the remote connection to work was solid enough as to not distract me from keeping focused. My game did a little bit, but that was always gonna happen, ha ha. So I got work done, I got bath done, and mainly maintained verticality. If I can keep that up tomorrow, then it’s a good week. 🙂

Right, time to watch the footy.



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