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The French hooks for earrings came in today, yay! I immediately crammed a pair of blanks into my ears to see how it went. And then I eventually took them out and made earrings for myself, and the first stock of such for the store. I think that doing the same with the various colours of my other danglies will make for a good starting stock, but will also blow through the 50 pairs that I have to hand. But then, there’s a lot of little ‘oh’ lessons I’m having to pick up now that earrings are a reality…

We’ll see what I feel like doing tonight/tomorrow/whenever. Tonight probably not, since we’re going to be watching the Eurovision semi-final. Z whipped up his usual awesome self-tallying spreadsheets for people to use and share, so yanno… use and share. It’s easier to knit while watching that over thinking up design, so.

Right, off to the things.


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