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In some ways, our little jaunt to get lightbox objects was successful. Z picked out a nice sheet of posterboard, and one of the women who worked at Hobbycrack was able to locate the particular craft knife he wanted to buy (the retractable kind; they were hiding somewhere). We were less successful when we checked out the home store next door. All the lamps were… too lampy, and too expensive. I took this photo of the girls while Z was checking the price of lamps on Amazon. He has ordered this one, which we think will work best for trying to get clean light in our box. We’ll see!

I picked up some beads while we were out too, 3mm ‘pearls’. Since the 5mm jump rings I ordered were referring to their outer size (!!!), I figured it might be a good way to put them into use. So that means I have been making the super fucking tiniest stitch markers known to man. Like, you can get them on 2.5mm needles if you wedge them on, but it’s 2.25mm or lower. So like, awesome for lace and sock knitting, but not much else. Still, it seems worth the effort to at least create them and see if anyone goes for them. The main thing I’m torn on is what to charge for them. I charge £3.50 for most of my ring markers, but these take a LOT of fine work to get right. I’ll have to think about it for a bit longer, especially since it *is* getting a bit easier as I go along. After all, one of the main slowing factors is the fact I somehow managed to slice open the tip of my right index finger this morning. I keep putting the liquid skin on it to give it a bit of padding, but it wears off fairly quickly with the way I am using my hands. And I’m always using my hands, so.

Right, time for dinner.


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