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Today, I constructed a lightbox prototype. It is exceptionally crappy and dubious, but I’m pleased with having it for experimenting. I even did a listing based on some photos I took… though admittedly, I did have to clean them up bit before using them. Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and I think that it will put is in good stead to build something a bit nicer.

That’s been the bulk of what I’ve done today, really. I’ve mainly been gaming and zoning out, along with knitting a few rows as I’ve thought about it. I need to think about what my next ‘actual’ project is going to be… probably baby stuff for a friend’s little one. Then… I don’t know, socks? Probably socks. I’ve had a skein of sock wool that I bought ages ago crooning at me from the drawer, and that’s generally a not too fussy project (especially with the tiny circulars).

Right, I’mma go back to zoning out, gaming, and knitting. Happy evening, y’all.


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