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This face, it is a tired, slightly frazzled face. This is the face of someone who is realising more and more with each passing day that part of having a small crafting business is spending forever shopping around for supplies. And that is, of course, balanced against me not wanting to buy more because I don’t want to spend ALL THE MONIES either. I’m currently only £31 in the red, and that was £24 before I ‘treated’ myself to a new electronic scale; the one I’m currently using was new a decade ago. And has  banana melt in the display. ¬¬ I’m also dragging toes because I bought some stock yesterday, which like… c’mon, self, you can’t make all the things if you don’t have the things to make all the things.

And, I have to admit, I’m feeling a wee bit of impostor syndrome today. I had to poke a few friends to make sure they posted their reviews, and it’s like eep, what if other people think my stuff is crap and I’m found out for a fake, etc. I can hope that feeling subsides in time, but it might not either. At least this is encouraging me to be creative and to get better. We’re even planning on getting a ‘proper’ DIY lightbox cobbled together, because my current photo setup? It’s the back of a Christmas stocking near a window. I keep thinking of the episode of The IT Crowd where Roy is doing the ‘sexy’ calendar and one of the guys tells him his equipment is all wrong and the photos are going to be gloomy — because they aren’t lit as well as they could be. I suggested to Z that it could be a ‘fun’ weekend project, and he seems amenable to it. So that’s good, hee hee. Between us, I think we could do a good job.

Right, I’m knackered, so I am going to zone out, knit, and mull.


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