You Guessums, Bead Edition

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There is this one particular random assortment of beads that I keep ordering from Amazon, and it reliably gives me some of the beads that I want to work with. It also gives me some I’ve not figured out what I want to do with, but I’ll figure it out as I go along. What I am probably going to end up doing is making up lots of random stitch markers, selling them as ‘You Guessums’, and using that as a tidy solution to the odds and sods that I can’t use to make entire sets to my satisfaction. For example, the green beads I’m using for School of Seven Bells? I currently have a grand total of six, and not a lot of good ideas to find a workable replacement for the ones I’m getting from this assortment. I might have found a doable one on eBay, but I’m not 100% either. Thankfully, I’m not too fussed about replicating them at this exact second, but that’s the sort of thing that is in my head.

My desk shuffling continues apace as new things come into play. Z brought me home a metal tray from the office, which is probably gonna be perfect for having my orders in. I bought some tags off of Amazon to use to try and organise that within the tray, since right now it’s kind of a random ass pile of bags with no labelling. Considering that I am feeling hella paranoid that I am going to pack the wrong thing into the wrong order, being able to wrap them in a bundle with a gift tag label should ease my mind (and cost a grand total of £1.06 for 100 of the blighters).

On the whole though, I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked. I woke up hurting and foggy, and even trying to push myself to do the things was a complicated process of slowly doing the things. That included a tiny tiny-ass bit of work-work, a bath, and general kidcare. I was reminded that I forgot the very important chore of painting nails, but hopefully we’ll remember tomorrow long before Z gets home (Smalls remembered a few minutes before he got in, and I didn’t want to risk getting the smell up his face). Tomorrow is likely to be more productive I like to believe, especially since it’s tonight I’m going out, not tomorrow night. Being tonight means I’m cheerfully flailing through trying to get auxiliary things done, like this.

Right, gonna go stare at beads while I eat dinner, hee hee.


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