Hard at Work

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Actually, that sort of wasn’t true. I didn’t really do any work-work, and was easily swayed away from it by Z (and the fact Littler decided I was furniture for long stretches). I hopefully will get some of the things done tomorrow, but the main thing will be having a proper bath before going out tomorrow night and having to people.

But even if I didn’t do a lot of that, I have been doing a few markers. I got another candy-themed listing up earlier, and have done two sets of stitch markers for 20mm needles (as pictured). I hope to get another two sets of those made, and hopefully named and listed before the day is over… we’ll see. I also ordered some more beads, because I need more beadspiration//need more beads in general. There’s also various other needed things coming in, like more lobster clasps. Beyond that, I need to try and wait until more sales happen, because while it’s normal to operate in the red at the start of a business venture, I would rather not keep diving further into it. I mean, we’re talking a mater of £21 as it stands right now, if my accountancy is correct (it probably is). Z is also happy to look over my ‘books’ to see if he comes to the same conclusion, which yanno, if he actually *wants* to, have at. *chuckles*

*yawns* Yech, throat is trying to play up again… time to throw all the drinks down it.


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