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For Christmas, we got the girls a Nerf gun each. They love taking turns shooting plastic cups stacked on the stairwell. They were teasing Z about not having a gun himself, to which it was pointed out that he might not have one, but I sure do (and I let him borrow it, too). Apparently, having a Nerf gun raises my street cred with my children, ha ha.

The green is the sleeve in progress. I hit the point where I had to think about it last night, so I did a blanket square and circled back around to it after working hours today. I’ve got the next 30-something rows mathed out, then I’m going to see how long it is and check the next segment of math. It should all go together to make the second sleeve faster and easier to complete… we’ll see.

Also in the ‘we’ll see’ bucket is what’s up with the snow over the weekend. I’m grumpy that the predicted times for it to fall will be when I’m not watching, which is just plain rude. But as said — we’ll see, etc.

For now, time to tuck kiddos in, and then try and get some rows burned through on my knitting. 🙂


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