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I’ve happily been chipping away at the first sleeve, happy with the progress. I thought something looked different in the seed stitch, but I shrugged it off. And then, after 12 rows of it, I realised that I was doing double instead of single. Oh well. I’ve also decided that I cannot be bothered to do it right, so as long as I remember to do the other sleeve the same! *chuckles*

It’s been snowing today, but nothing to write home about really. I’ve gotten to watch a few flakes swirl by here and there, maybe more than a few, but with the wind, none of it was really keen to settle. It’s supposed to snow more heavily over the next couple of hours and overnight, but we’ll see. At least the girls were able to go see their grandparents today, so even if it dumps a foot overnight, they’ll have gotten an outing that they wanted.

Besides, I suspect that they will be potentially glued to their computers tomorrow. Z and I are going to get a third copy of Minecraft; I’ve got a copy, as does Smalls. We think that getting a copy put on Littler’s laptop will make both of them really happy, and ideally, there will be some day when all four of us have copies and will be sharing a world. I have no idea how soon something like that would truly happen, but I admit that it does have some appeal. 🙂

((And copy bought for her. She’s boinging and flying and generally being amused.))

Anyways. Will have to sort the girls out tomorrow. For now, back to my own gaming and knitting.


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