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What the Eff, Skin?

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I’m having an acne breakout right now. I’m not impressed. I’m even less impressed because the lot of them seem to be cystic rather than poppable, so they’re just *there* and painful and not doing a thing besides being annoying and lumpy. There is one coming up over my eyebrow that I discovered by brushing it gently, which sent a… Read more »

My Day in as Many Words

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I… survived? Survived the day, somehow. The headache BS continues to persist, but at least the kiddos were pretty well behaved and not adding to my distress. Which is to say, nothing caught on fire, Littler got a nap, and I managed to get work-work done. Well, and more Pok√©mon, but that was a given. I further managed a bit… Read more »