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Halo has been curling up on the couch by me quite a bit the last couple of days — yay. Vivi already did to some degree, so when they combine forces, they’re lucky I don’t wake them up shrieking with delight. *chuckles* This is from last night; it’s just Halo for the moment, looking eminently smoochable. Must resist, must let him nap and gain his trust, yes yes.

Not been up to terribly much today. I had an ENT appointment, which went well. I’m back in about a year just to make sure things are still okay, but more importantly — it keeps me in the system so if something *does* happen, it’ll be easier for me to get in. Hopefully. ENT appointments have been like hen’s teeth, and I feel lucky that I’ve managed to get a few this year… after waiting about a year.

Anyhoos, good stuff, etc.


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