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I had one of those rare moments the other morning where multiple cats wanted attention. Or well, they were bathing each other and I happened to be near enough to reap some pets. I’m glad Z was able to get a photo, ’cause aww.

Been up to slightly more than I planned for today, but in a good way. I had a few outstanding tasks on the Grow the Co-op challenge, and I managed to get them turned around. I completed all but two, which is pretty good.

I’ve also fallen into my normal regimented approach to Minecraft a bit, ha ha. Z got the family realm back up, and we made it some unseemly number of days without proper farm organisation. Or well, what my requirements for such are. I need to get more vegetables in the ground, and I need to level more terrain, but it’s coming along. I’m taking advantage of it being night and Z pottering around to do a few stiches on my sock. Gotsta keep rebuilding those calluses, yes yes.


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