And Done!

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And after however long it’s been, the blanket is done. I’m very happy with it, and it’s tidily folded away for a time when I actually need a blanket. I posted it on my personal FB with a note that I’d be willing to sell it for a fair price, but that the fair price is a lot higher than anyone was going to be willing to pay. Good thing I made it for me rather than for a profit, eh?

So yeah, letting my wrists rest while I think about socks, and not going anywhere. It’s Pins & Needles night, and to Small’s chagrin, I’m not going out. I told them this morning I didn’t want to, and I knew I’d get to this time of day and feel the same way. It’s nice to see people, but I’m not up to it. It’s been a really exhausting week, and I don’t think I can handle people. I just want to veg out, maybe look for a sock pattern to start on, go from there.


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