Many Naps

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The boys have made a point to nap all day, in precisely spaces containing projects I could be working on. Vivi is taking up my window desk, which means no drilling. Raven is curled up on my blanket in progress, though now he’s nestled into Smaller’s pancho-robe on top of the blanket. Cats, innit. I just hope the fireworks don’t upset them if any go off nearby. I heard some off in the distance and they barely noticed, but. It’s only likely to get noisier… so of course, as I’m typing this, a child thunders down the stairs loud enough to wake up the cats to tell us they heard a firework off in the distance. Sigh! *chuckles*

At least I did find something to work on. I got the sheet of smols I finished washed, and fabric protector applied. I’m working on a 3″ flag, so at least stuff is being made. 🙂


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