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I came home from visiting Z’s mom to find Raven on ‘my’ couch. He’s run off a couple of times, but he’s also come back several times to hang out. So yeah, I’ve got cute eye candy to occasionally wander over and pester with pets. Petser with pests? Anyways. *laughs*

Good visit with Mum, but they pretty much always are. I got a couple of smols worked on while visiting; I ‘needed’ to be doing something for the live event later this month. I also got to show off my new business card, which is a few degrees cuter and more interesting than my previous one. I’ll still use the previous one in online orders until I can’t stands it no more (to quote a certain spinach-hocking sailor), but I wanted pretty ones with my new shop address on them to have at The Event™®.

So yeah, weekend plans are to make, and then make some more. Gonna be fun. 😀


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