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While it doesn’t show in this picture, briefly beforehand I’d gone over and found both… but Raven so hidden behind a curtain that it looked like a single cat. I’m impressed by felines and their ability to fold space and time, ha ha.

Not up to a lot today. I had to go to the vampires and get a few vials drawn. So of course, hungriest I’ve felt in a morning in ages, ha ha. It was fine. The appointment system they have in place now means you’re seen quite promptly, and we did a quick Tesco run on the way home as well. We were supposed to have our Covid boosters tomorrow, but alas, we got cancelled on. So that’s rebooked for a few weeks hence, and that’s one less thing off a busy week.

Right, gonna go back to playing with beads, and trying to drown a headache in hydration (and maybe some paracetamol, ha ha).


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