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I came home from visiting Mum to find the boys napping in a pile on the couch. Almost two hours on, and they still are. I am slain by adorbs, and have taken an ungodly number of pictures of them as they shift in their sleep/half-sleep. I hope that they always love each other like this. Batman and Poison were pretty close as kittens but grew out of it, so it would be nice to not see that bit of history repeat.

Lovely visit with Mum, but that’s no surprise. We’re pretty good at being comfortable in either silence or chatter, and I can usually get a few laughs out of her as well. It was definitely a lovely cap to a productive day of working. As I told her, I’m pretty much caught up with myself, which is glorious and will hopefully make for a nice rest of year (as January starts the next crunch window).

For now, trying to figure out what I’m doing with myself. Do I feel yarny? I am to the part of the sock where I need to start the gusset, so that might be a nice project for the evening. Or I might make more stitch markers. I should be thinking about redoing some photographs, but I don’t think that I’m up to that after the lovely dinner Z served (beautiful chicken kebabs, nom nom). Naw, the photos I have up at current will more than serve for anyone looking through if tempted by the sale-ma-bob. But it will be nice to jazz them up sometime. I know what I did wrong this time, I think, so.


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