No Comments on 1.5

As said, the boys are jazzed to have the table back to fill with their increasingly large selves. So looking back and noting that I had 1.5 cats due to curtain hiding cracked me right up.

Nothing fancy today. Back to work, got some stuff done, consumed a sugar bomb to try and get my brain into working mode. It was… potent, ha ha. I’m doing okay for the most part with cut back sugar, and mean that — cut back, not gone. Working on finding ways that I can trim it back even more while continuing to have sweets and a decent quality of life. After all, what’s the point of living if you aren’t enjoying it a bit?

Anyhoos. Got a Diablo III itch to scratch, and I’m doing it at a frustrating difficulty with a slightly frustrating class. I really should think about bumping it back down to Expert here at the start of the game, but ah well. Sock is coming along nicely as well. The pattern is fun, but not too difficult.


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