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I’ve cast off on a new pair of socks; it feels like forever since I’ve done a sock. So that’s nice; what would be nicer would be Vivi not stealing my yarn, so I don’t have to hide it every night. Which I’m rubbish at, so often wake up to find that Smalls or Z have unwound it from my chair for me to reroll. I’m trying to get the point across, but yanno, herding cats, training cats — it’s a bit of an effort, ha ha.

But eh, so it goes. It’s been a nice do-nothing day, as we wanted it to be. I didn’t get around to any product photography, though that’s fine. I can think about doing it tomorrow. For the moment, I’m in the same ballpark, and thinking about buying a bigger lightbox. You can get dinky ones like mine now for a fraction of the cost, and with better lighting; for the same money I spent on the initial one, I can get something a bit bigger. I don’t need huge, but having more white space to work with would be ideal.

So yeah, gonna window shop, knit, and game. Ultimate party, awwww yiss.


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