That’ll Do

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As a side effect of feeling a bit more human, I decided I was gonna buckle down and get my area tidied up. I’m pleased, and only the faintest whiffs of dizziness around the edge. Last thing that I need to do is run the vacuum around, but yeah. Party!

I’ve also picked the next knitting-ma-bob — socks, big surprise. I’m doing toe up again, and to my pleasure, I remembered how to get that started without looking it up. So that’ll chill out being an around thing. Tomorrow… I should try to make photography and listing happen.

What else… currently playing Valheim. I have for a few days, and yeeted a few worlds already, but on the whole enjoying it and avoiding looking up too much. I’m kind of feeling like I might have to look up the things, but anyways. We’ll see how it goes.


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