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Vivi was panting a little this morning, so I’ve been making sure to check on him over the day to make sure his breathing is okay. So of course, I just combed the house twice, got Z to join me… for Z to spot him standing in the window behind me with a ‘Oh hey, sup’ expression. I startled him a bit ’cause I scooped him up and loudly told him what a dinkus he was, because dinkus. *laughs*

I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy all day, but it’s not turned into anything else as of yet. I commented to Z that we’ll probably need to make another pharmacy trip to pick up another round of whatever we can get over the counter, especially since the stuff from the surgery wasn’t with the rest of my meds when Z popped in earlier.

Anyways. Should hobble through to the kitchen, refill my water. Will be thinking about an early night in the hopes it gives me a greater chance of recovering from yesterday continued recovery from yesterday, and avoidance of another round of BS. We’ll see.


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