The Rudest

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So like, was off to a really good start this morning. Actually washed my hair, other bits of personal grooming, etc, felt on top of things. So of course, had a middday vertigo attack. Rude? The rudest. Z tended to me well, and instead of taking 4-8 hours to pass, we had it more or less licked in just over an hour. Hopefully that is that for the day, but I definitely worry that it’s not. My head keeps randomly finding flashes of the spin again, though nothing has taken hold again. Fingers crossed for me and all that.

At least it’s Sunday, which means Mum coming around for dinner. I’ve had to stand her up for quite awhile now, so it was nice to be able to chat. As things stand, I’ll probably be cancelling on her again next week, which I expect she will support. She does fret over me, which is sweet. I’d prefer there be nothing to fret about, but this *gestures*. It is whatever the frack it is.


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