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Sorry to miss y’all yesterday, but I was having like, THE worst day, health-wise. I picked up some degree of whatever bug poor Smalls brought home. Like, I was in so much discomfort and pain that I couldn’t sleep it off… what the ever loving hell is that, I ask you. I started feeling a bit better this morning once I got some food, caffeine, and sugar in me, though I did spend a little bit of time resting on the couch because verticality was a bit too challenging after working this morning on some bits. I had an order in first thing yesterday morning, and then my first in my new shop in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to leave those hanging. Z kindly took them to the postbox for me, so I don’t feel like a failure. *laughs* I drama it up a little there; I am never going to waste energy beating myself up over feeling poorly. If we couldn’t’ve made it happen, I would have managed at -least- a short note apologising and explaining the delay.

For now, just getting my ducks in a row, and ready to watch the first Eurovision semi-final tonight. Hopefully I’ll make it through — the line-ups look well good this year.


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