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I don’t know if it’s because I busted hump so hard yesterday, or because I was trying to pop my ears earlier or what, but I got slammed with the most violent wave of vertigo that I’ve suffered in almost 20 years. I ended up curling up on the brown couch ’cause it was the nearest pleasant flat surface, and Z reported that I was asleep in about 2 minutes. It felt longer than that, but anyways. I dozed, woke up a few times to spot curious kittens in my face, and woke up just as Poison claimed my chair. Sorry dear, time to shift from your throne. I’m still feeling a bit wobbly, but hopefully that’s the worst of it past.

The most annoying thing about the timing is that I was working; I was framing the next batch of smols. Those are drying, though I think there might be another round of gluing in the near future. There’s at least one that isn’t as secured at the back as I’d like, so why not be extra sure.

Anyways. Food soon, so that should also help. Gonna see about getting my next cross-stitch(es) started, think about making some stitch markers, etc.


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