Full of Stars

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Z decided to treat himself to some DJ/disco toys. He’s retired from professional DJing, but he still likes to do a bit of it at home. So yes, shiny lights! And he’s not shown the kids yet, but he also got a small smoke machine. I told him that if they weren’t impressed, we’d need to trade them in for new kids. He replied that how could they not be impressed. We’ll see. *laughs* And nah, I’ll keep ’em. I like them just fine.

So far so good on everyone else being Covid-free, which is yay. I’m hoping to test clear on Sunday; I want Mum to feel she can come over for dinner. She knows that the choice is hers, but I think that she’ll appreciate more data points, whether it be a positive or negative test. And hopefully Smalls tests negative as well, because they have a birthday party to attend… their first as a ‘teen’. Z says it’s at the village hall, but I bet it’s more of a disco than the like, swimming and skating of yesteryear. We’ll see! I just hope that they can go, and have a good time.


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