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I woke up this morning to find the sky doing this. I knew that there was wintry weather predicted, but I don’t think it was predicted this far south. It didn’t last that long, and rain melted it almost as soon as I made it downstairs, but it made me smile. Z says he’s seen bits of snow out the front a couple of times today, but it never lasted long enough for me to go peek at. Ah well. *chuckles* The weather says that maaaybe we’ll see a bit more tonight, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Not really much to report. Still plague-y, still holding it together enough to work and keep my hands busy otherwise. I spotted the neighbour outside and made sure that they’re all doing okay next door. Yup, they all have the ‘vid, but everyone is holding up okay. So that’s good. I joked that I should move over there for the interim, since everyone else here so far has managed to avoid getting it. Maybe the three of them here are the lucky immune ones… I can hope. It would mean I could resume rubbing germs and affection on everyone, ha ha.

Right, gonna go zone out.


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