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I took an inaugural journey today; I went to the postbox in my wheelchair. My arms are a bit worn out, and I didn’t make the repeat journey that an order placed while I was out entailed, but at least I did it once. These flowers were at eye height at one of the points I stopped to rest my arms, so yanno, why not. I was pleased that nobody tried to push me, and only one person asked if I wanted help. There’s still some kinks in the process that I’m going to have to iron out, but hey. At least my back only partially hates me right now. 🙂

Otherwise, just been enjoying slightly cooler weather. We’ve not had the a/c on all day, ,and the breeze coming in has a smidge of chill. It’s a nice change, to say the least. What may come the next couple of days… who knows. Temps are predicted mid-high, rain is predicted… it could be a deluge, it could be nothing. Good thing that we’re not going anywhere, ha ha.  We might in the near future go do a spot of geocaching, but right now… resssttt.


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