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It has, generically, been a day. The only thing of real note is that Z had a meeting with the rest of our co-workers to discuss working arrangements going forward. I was a bit bummed initially about being stuck at home with the kids, but then I popped music on and was most chill. I could have gone along, but… Read more »


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Today’s picture is a screencap from one of my all-time favourites, Serf City: Life is Feudal (aka, The Settlers 1). I just captured and burned an opponent’s castle, and while I don’t generally have the sound on these days, when you destroy a building, I swear it sounds like someone says ‘buuuuuurn’. It’s amused me since the mid-90s, so. That’s been… Read more »

Mortally Offended…

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…in that way that only a cat can be offended. He came over and yelled at me a bit, which means I probably should get up and check his water bowl. *checks* Yup. Poor thing probably thinks I’m a thicko with how slow I am to realise he wants me to do something, but he still loves my dumb butt… Read more »

Slightly Melty

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Today took a turn for the warmer, which… bleh. I get it’s summer, but still! Squishy! Rude! It’s supposed to be this sort of warm again tomorrow, then dip down for a few days. We’ll see. It’s not like I can do a lot about it, outside of trying to keep cool-ish and hydrated. Ish. It’s wedding anniversary weekend, which… Read more »

Boring Adult Chores

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I was getting ready to settle in to some quality zoning out, when I remembered that I needed to do my pillbox. I do it “week by week” rather than an entire month at once; I don’t know that psych meds really fare well too long out of the blister pack. It’s probably fine, but I am definitely prone to… Read more »

By the Stars

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Or well, by a bunch of tickymarks, ha ha. I did get what I wanted done with my knitting last night, so that was pleasing. I’ve got the gusset going now, and would love to see that finished tonight. It’ll be another case of ‘we’ll see!’, but now that I’m past that point it feels like the end is much… Read more »

Growing It

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I am rather pleased at the progress that I’ve made on the heel flap since last night. I would love to see the heel completely done by the end of the evening, but we’ll see. I feel refreshed in returning to my knitting after the crochet break, so that’s something. I like… I’m weird. I get my best knitting done… Read more »

Finally Flapping

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I have finally gotten off of my proverbial butt and returned to my sock. I ‘had’ to finish processing the hearts first, but now I’ve got a nice stockpile in case any Etsy orders come in. Past that, it’s been a fat hunk of nada, which is purrfect for my day off. We’re all alive and more or less healthy,… Read more »

Hyrulian Hearts

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The original┬áThe Legend of Zelda was one of my favourite games as a kid. I even had a crush on Link; I used to tug my ears to try to make them pointier so I could go to Hyrule and adventure with him. Hey, I was like, 7… totally legit to think this could happen, ha ha. While purple hearts… Read more »

The Best Picture

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I was flipping through my various pictures from today, when Littler declared this to be the best picture of me, and that I was so beautiful. You know what? I’ll take it, especially since she keeps denigrating my quality burps in favour of her father’s. *giggles* Past that, nothing much going on. Gaming, chilling… I ended up chopping all my… Read more »