Hyrulian Hearts

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The original The Legend of Zelda was one of my favourite games as a kid. I even had a crush on Link; I used to tug my ears to try to make them pointier so I could go to Hyrule and adventure with him. Hey, I was like, 7… totally legit to think this could happen, ha ha. While purple hearts don’t really fit the colour scheme of the game and all that, I kept thinking about it while weaving in ends, so there you go.

((now I have to add ribbons to all of them… blargh xD))

Past that, I processed laundry! Woo! There’s always more, but it feels good to know that I actually have things to put on my butt. *laughs* I also remembered that I was gonna order some more longer camisoles as a wardrobe top-up/refresh, so I finally did that. Bonus: Z remembered before I pushed it through that we needed to look for some new shorts for Smaller, which we did. There’s a two-pack that are unrepentantly girly (pink and yellow, which seem to be her alternating faves right now), and a pair of Minecraft shorts. I was sad that they were out of stock on Small’s size, but ah well. She has lots of shorts.

Right, need to keep an ear out for the door. Z enter a contest to win a stuffed gnome from our next door neighbour’s little shop, and he won. Easiest delivery ever, amirite? xD


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