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As much as I love making stitch markers, I especially like it when I have ideas that use up materials. In this case, making use of my little hand drill have given me ideas of beads I can drill a larger bore for, and thereby expand my range of larger markers. The ones on the upper tray are for 10mm and smaller, and I have to recheck the ones under… but I think that was 12mm. *checks* Yup. I’ve got some more large jump rings on order, so I look forward to making more things in that range.

I’ve also go some in mind for crochet, but those are going to be a lot easier to do. I just… yanno, need to do them. 😀 I’ve only got the fittings for one set, but that’s fine. I *think* it’ll appeal, but I’d rather not go out of my way to get more until I know. Light knows that I am terrible about doing ALL THE RESTOCK at the same time (and have just done some a few times over, so ¬¬).

Right, gonna go poke at that, and make vague gestures towards getting my knitting bag ready for tonight.


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