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I had a parcel to run down to the Post Office earlier, so I crossed the street to take pictures of the flag when I noticed it had become ensnared with the neighbouring tree. It’s not just caught — the end that is attached to the tree is holey, and that is probably making it snarl worse. I’ve commented to Z before that we really could be doing with a fresh flag there. Hopefully someone on the parish council does something about it.

Work was… well. I ended up putting in a bit of extra time because I wanted to get something completed, leaving me with a free run to get things caught up again before the end of Friday. It shouldn’t be too bad, but like…. it really does feel good to be back where I am ‘supposed’ to be. And I’m also aware that we’ve had those new blocks, and that we have even more new properties coming in. This is good because it means more money in the kitty for all of us working for the company, and because, yanno, expanded profile gives us more ways to show how we can shine… I say like I am on the frontline instead of nearly unreachable, ha ha. But it’s the family business, and I care, so.

Right, gonna go back to charity knits, and thinking about stitch markers. I’ve found a couple more beads in my stash that are agreeable to being drilled, so it gives me some ideas for bigger stitch markers with that bit of cute flare. I’ve got some other Science™ that I want to play with, so. Fun fun, bun bun, etc.


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