Chasing Rainbows

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The wool for Littler’s jumper came in; as you might expect, she is thoroughly pleased with her rainbow. She’s a tiny bit miffed that I am not going to start on it immediately, but considering that I need to finish her sister’s jumper first… well. It won’t be too long, probably.

Past that, hail hail the weekend! While Halloween was fun, it was exhausting, and I was feeling a bit of knock-on this morning. I’m also apparently hosting some low-grade stomach bug, but that’s just life, innit. I’m in good spirits whatever the case, and the weekend is free and clear before me.

What else, what else… ah yes, my ‘big’ laptop. I opened her up earlier to identify where the WLAN card was, and after talking to Z, we decided it was cheaper and easier to just buy a wireless dongle to access the 5ghz internet. The existing card is single-band and not the strongest, so that’s one pleasing improvement. I need to crack her back open again to look at the RAM, since the Crucial scanner wasn’t able to pick up on what was in there for some weird reason. I don’t know if I *am* going to upgrade/expand the ram, but at least I can get a cost idea of what replacing it all with DDR4 would cost, and if the motherboard can even support it.

Right, gonna go digest some lovely dinner, try to get a bit of knitting done.


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