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Every now and again, I will order a little something from Wish. The best part about doing this is that I tend to forget I ordered anything by the time it shows up, and usually what I ordered as well. So it was a delight for socks to show up, ha ha. Well, I always like getting socks, but anyways. These are cute and really comfy, and I ordered two pairs, so we’ll see how much wear I get out of them (or not).

As today was the last day of the summer hols, I opted to work rather than take my normal day off. I’ll do that tomorrow most likely, since it’ll be su-wheet to be able to have the house to myself. Ish. The fridge repairperson is supposed to roll up, but that’s not like I have to entertain and dote and pay much attention, right? It’s like, there is Yon Fridge, make it work please and thank you.

Right, mind keeps wandering, so I’m going to go follow it.


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