Fuck Yeah, Clouds!

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I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but I ended up taking approximately a million pictures of the clouds on the way to and from the grocery store earlier. They were just the right amount of fluffy, or something. It also helps that the weather is pleasant, and feels more like spring than summer to me.

In addition to picking up some lunch and dinner, we were also able to ogle the back-to-school supplies. I had a specific set of pens I wanted to pick up, and we eventually found the random end that they were on. I’d earmarked the six-pack for £6, but we saw the 13-pack for £12, and well. Pens. I’m a sucker for them. *laughs* But also, these are supposed to be quick-drying gel pens, and as a left-handed person, that’s super important, ’cause smudging. They passed the test so far, so that’s exciting. I don’t know what I’m going to do with them in specific, but in general… yassss.

So yeah, definitely in a good mood, all told. Which helps me ignore the fact that my body is really feeling beat up lately. I’m hoping things will improve a bit once the girls are back to school next week — but that isn’t to blame them for my state of being, physical or mental. It’s just noting that I’ll have one less thing to think about while at home/working, which might help me feel a bit more human-shaped.

If not, that’s fine too, I guess. My only REAL complaint of the moment in that regard is that our car isn’t really big enough for me to take my wheelchair with. It’s still camped out in the cupboard waiting for me to wheel it out (pardon the pun). I haven’t even gotten it outside to practice in yet, but that was always going to be a when the girls weren’t around thing.



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