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Today has definitely been a good day to start our two weeks off. Z took the girls for a spot of shopping this morning, and picked up some sandwiches on the way back. I’ve had a long hot bath, and been working on my earring listings. I think I’ve almost got my head around how to photograph against black, and can concede that it’s a good look.

I also, ta da, got a few loads of laundry through in preparation for packing tomorrow. Z, I think, is amused/pleased that I can’t do it tomorrow night at the last minute as is my usual fashion — because I’m out knitting. If he’s not amused, he’s totally allowed to be, ha ha. I ordered a few wardrobe top-ups that I hope will arrive tomorrow. Otherwise, well… enjoy chasing my package mum, and my apologies? *laughs*

Past that, just poking along at Diablo III still. I’m annoyed that I cannot take down a Torment X rift solo in 6 minutes or less. I can do it on a greater rift, so why not a normal one?! So right now I’m grinding some rifts on Torment XII to try and get myself a little stronger and faster — anything to avoid having to play with other people, ha ha.

Right, I’m off.


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