Not Really *laughs*

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Today’s picture is the ultimate ‘crap, take a picture’ picture. I’m not particularly excited or concerned or anything — the picture, much like the pie, is a lie. *giggles*

Having said that, I’m starting to feel the first stirrings of excitement for our forthcoming holiday. I’d ordered a new swimdress, and it’s cute. I even put a picture of me being cute and visibly fat in it on FB, because I am cute. And fat. I’m amused ’cause I had a dream last night where someone tried to tell me that I would be happier and more feminine if I lost weight, and I went off on them. So like, subconscious is on board with the self-love party.

Beyond that, it’s been listing more stitch markers, and playing Diablo 3. I’ve got over 300 Paragon levels at this point, and continue to grind on the Champion chapter of quests. I REALLY want to unlock a new inventory tab, but yeah… it’s work. I’m not quite bored enough to roll a secondary seasonal character, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did for a change of pace in the near future.

Right, off to those things again. And check out my store if you’re in the market for pretty stitch markers. 😀

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