The Roundest

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I saw Poison earlier looking round, so I took a picture. She was being a bit of a bitch and shouting at her brother for daring to be in the same room as her, but alas, that is the norm. At least she’s cute as she does it?

Today was warm… or at least, what’s warm here in the UK. I never thought I’d ever call the low 60s warm, but yanno, acclimatisation? And of course, the air is wet, so that makes the temp feel more eXtreme as well. I had ice in all my drinks, and will probably wish I could be an ice cube if this whole nasty summer thing continues as scheduled.

For now, gonna keep trying to hydrate this stupid headache, and think about knitting. E should be coming around tonight. The Wednesday group has apparently relocated, but I don’t think that either of us particularly want to attend. I’m still waiting on confirmation one way or another from her, and since this is about the time she walks over… *chuckles* We’ll see if we decide to try it in future, but as it costs even more than the pub it left, and is in possession of even less parking, I don’t see it being a particularly tempting offering.


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