Caught in the Act

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The cats are not permitted to be on the desk… and look where I found this chonk, ha ha. Though to be fair, she wouldn’t’ve been up there if I hadn’t picked her up and plonked her into my lap. She tolerated it with good grace for a minute or two, which was pleasing. I don’t expect to be turning her into a lapcat at the age of almost 12, but if she maybe will tolerate it… we’ll see.

There was good news from the States this morning; my brother and his wife welcomed their new child to the world. I look forward to, hopefully, getting to see lots of pictures. They are all hopefully getting some rest for the time being.

That’s about it, really. I’m otherwise chilling and waiting to hear back from my grandmother on travel plans for tomorrow. I’ve had a text from her, but not a reply to my earlier email. I’m fretting, heh. It’s like, hi, you’re in my country now, which somehow makes you my responsibility… silly, isn’t it.

Anyways! Back to last minute tidying and chivvying of children.


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