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I was nosing around my friend Miriam’s webstore the other day, and what did I spot — stickers. Knitting stickers. Did I buy them? Hells yeah, to the tune of three sheets. And I am telling myself that I am worth it by dint of actually using the stickers. I tend to hoard them, which apparently is semi-common against ACONs. There’s some level of not believing that things will be yours tomorrow that are yours today, so why personalise it (or why personalise it when it’s just going to ‘invite’ abuse, etc).


It’s knitting tonight, and I have saved myself a job of trying to figure out the next part by… well, figuring out the next part. I prefer to make sure that I have these things figured out before I’m out amongst people. The section in question is one of the two front panels, and it required me pushing aside anxiety and reminding myself how to cast on at the ‘end’/start of a row. It was, of course, easier than my anxiety was prepared for, ha ha. For the second, I’m contemplating whter or not I want to get another circular out so that I can do the bit I’m working on specifically to one needle, and leave the rest hanging on another… I’ll figure it out at some point.

For now, chilling, illing, etc.


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