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The headache BS continues. The only difference is that I’ve not taken anything for it today… I think that I am going to have to ‘give up’ and do so. I’ve gotten almost nothing done today because of it, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it either. I *will* try to keep chipping at little things around me to make my area tidier at the very least. It needs doing, and it’ll make things tidier. I’ve spent some of my limited brain energy thinking bout where to put things on the desk so they’re not a cascade, so.

Z isn’t doing much today either, which is good. What’s the point of a long weekend if you spend every second of it cleaning instead of resting? He, like me, is poking at a few bits , so at least we can feel like we’re doing something even if we’re not doing the big things.

Right, back to drinking all the things to try and flush out the headache-y grossness.


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