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While there is still quite a bit that needs to be done in the kitchen, the progress so far is very pleasing. Z has been working super hard, and the girls are looking forward to actually having a meal around the table. I’m slightly meh about it, but I’ll try to feign some enthusiasm for it. After all, we *should* be taking all of our meals there, so.

I’ve gotten a smaller task today; I’ve made the brown couch by me tidy. I ran the cushion covers and back blanket through the wash (after an initial de-furring effort), so that’s looking much better now. I’ve got a bag of rubbish that needs to make it to the bin, and I need to figure out where the actual home of the girls’ schoolbags is going to be. My first instinct is the coat rack, but I don’t think that’s actually going to work. We’ll see if Z has any ideas.

For now, enjoying a few minutes of quiet while Z fetches the girls from visiting his parents, and tending to my head. I think that it’s got to be the weather, ’cause I’ve had some really gross crushing headaches the last couple of days. And we’ve had weather. So they probably go hand-in-hand. I know that the weather has been angering the Knee Gods, which amuses me in the ‘Heh heh, I’m old’ fashion.


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