But No Sausage

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There are local elections today in the UK, which meant a trip to our village hall to cast our votes. Even if it was first thing this morning, I still sort of wish that this country would adopt the most excellent Australian tradition of the democracy sausage. Since the idea is to fundraise for charity by doing it, it’s definitely an even spiffier idea. I wonder if I can suggest it to the parish council for the European elections later this month…

I’d commented to Z earlier that I had a hankering for a coat rack. To my surprise and pleasure, there was one knocking around the office that we could lay claim to. So that’s in the foyer now, waiting to be bedecked. The level of pleased I am about this occurrence cannot be overstated.

Beyond that, pleased to have more or less knocked out the April year end stuff today. I dropped D a line to let him know what I didn’t do and why, so hopefully he can get that done today and we can get started back on normal operations tomorrow.  I’ve got plenty to do either way, but I like it best when I can keep things caught up to the day that I’m doing them rather than end of month and waiting.

*wanders off*


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