S’Chuffin’ Tiny!

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Baby (my newer laptop), for whatever reason, has really weak wifi reception. So I bought her a wifi dongle to try and boost her fortunes… and it came with a chuffin’ mini-disc. A mini-disc… or the world’s tiniest coaster, as Z referred to it. I didn’t actually need it to make the dongle function, but I *did* smile hugely to be reminded of this increasingly dated tech.

Work was excellent today. I am feeling confident that we’re going to be able to knock the rest of the April year ends out tomorrow, but I’ll see what there is to see tomorrow. Having said that, I keep thinking that today is Thursday rather than Wednesday, so that’s certainly kept fire to my feet. *chuckles* Whatever, if it’s done it’s done, and that’s good.

*wanders off*


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