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While not the original stealthbutt that I very unstealthily stuck inside of bat’s door, it’s -a- stealthbutt. Smaller had made up a couple ‘for your butt collection, mommy!’, and I taped one of those to the window when the girls were playing outside. It had been my hopes that Smalls would see it and get annoyed with me, but alas. She didn’t clock it this time. Next time perhaps? xD

It’s Friday, a fact that Z and I keep getting confused by. Being a long weekend and all, our brains are in Saturday mode, even if it’s not Saturday yet. Confused? I’m confused. *laughs* And mainly just tired with a slight side of swelter. It’s currently proper warm outside, with just a hint of a breeze. It’s reputedly going to stay this way the entirety of the long weekend, which has got to be the sign of the Apocalypse. It can’t be a bank holiday weekend here and be nice; it’s against the rules of nature.



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