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At the corner where we turn into the hospital is this (now closed) restaurant across the road. I don’t have any idea how long ago the ‘T’ fell off the sign, but the idea of HE CHIP IN(N) amused me way too much. Saves me money, being so easily amused.

As for the appointment… it went fine. I probably unnerved the ladies who were overseeing said appointment because I am relentlessly cheerful and slightly giddy ’cause I like science, especially that’s inside of me science. I was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t actually see what she was doing on the monitor, but I didn’t think to ask either. They didn’t find anything, unsurprisingly. The last time I had any sort of scan for that territory came up cyst and fibroid free as well, so. I need to book in to see Dr. R as soon as an appointment comes up so we can discuss the next course of action, but I don’t see any appointments available on the system yet. Which makes me wonder if it’s going to work out that I get another letter from the hospital before I can touch base with her… we’ll see!

For now, I need to take my meds, and then go put away some laundry before E comes over. Fun times, etc.


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