Too Bright

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The girls, bless ’em, have used up their squabble ration for the two weeks of holiday already. I ended up shooing them outside to play, because burn off energy, and lovely weather. After a few, they demanded that I come outside into natural light, insisting it was for my own good. Hrmph. *laughs* It wasn’t too bad. The new neighbour was out hanging laundry, so we got to say hi to her and make small talk about the weather. I got to help Smalls with her annual fear of the slide (long story). They were probably right — it was probably good for me to actually exit the house. And at least it being the back garden meant that I could get away with slobbing around in my jammies.

Beyond that, just chilling. I’ve got to get back to the work thing tomorrow in an appreciable way, so hopefully that will happen. Past school holidays have slowed me right down because yanno, that’s how it goes. I’m not going to beat myself up over it if it does slow up.

*wanders off*


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