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While I would maintain that my favourite flower are smellgood roses, I have almost as fond a place in my heart for tulips. And honestly, I don’t know why — it is what it is. But I guess that personal preferences are based on feels rather than logic, so. *chuckles* I’ve just always found the shapes and colours appealing. I should probably actually plant some at some point, if I an find a spoon to do gardening.

Beyond that, feeling moderately better than I was a few days ago. There’s still a bit of headache and head cold hanging around, but it’s mainly come as quickly as it showed up. Which is good, because I don’t need to be nursing a cold and taking care of my half-term heartthrobs. Yus, two weeks of me and the girls, send hjalp, ha ha. Or well, visitors in general? The girls love to show off and preen for people, and I love ’em doing it. It would also provide them better distraction than my ‘sorry kids, need to work’ will. Z has a few ideas for diversions, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure that in general they’ll be happy for the break… for a few days, at least. *chuckles*

Right, back to wool. Hope all is well out there.


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