You Wouldn’t

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One of the many brilliant bits of The IT Crowd (amongst the bits that didn’t age terribly) is the piracy warning in the German cannibal episode. So after I fiddled the message on the fridge around to read ‘Nick a goat’, I ended up writing my own warning on why one shouldn’t steal a goat. I stashed it amongst the stuff by Z on the couch, and well. It’s a bit too rude for this space, but it was just rude enough for us being silly at each other.

I’m feeling quite a bit better today. I put myself to bed early, and while it didn’t amount to extra sleep in the scheme of things, it was at least a bit more time laying down and not moving. I’m a little bit wary as to how it’s going to be tonight, because the last couple of nights have felt a touch difficult to get to sleep, so. At least it’s the weekend (and the start of the two week half-term break, gulp!), so I can plan to try and make myself rest more if I need it.

For now, yarn!


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