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I always feel like such a wuss when I have a cold. I ended up spending all day out cold in bed, so now I feel mildly human… mildly. And I know why a cold can knock me out — my baseline is really sick by default. I can kind of juggle it most days, though it’s a losing battle in and of itself. Add in that extra ball, and blam. I don’t feel bad about taking the time to take care of myself though. Yes, now I’m behind where I want to be on work, but it’s still gonna be there tomorrow if and when I’m able to keep my head up and vaguely focus.

That’s been pretty much the whole of my day. I’m trying to get vaguely awake enough to maybe pick up some yarn, but otherwise it’s just trying to remember to take my meds in a timely fashion so that I get proper sleep tonight. I messed that up last night, and that obviously had a knock-on effect.


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